• Busy Family Approved Kitchen

    We created a wide-open workspace for easy accessibility and flow, a clean-up zone that's close to the eating area, and a cooking zone in the corner that offers plenty of room for the family to work together and still have space to move! The center island offers dramatic contrast as well as an abundance of workspace and storage. It also has an easy drop-off space for the refrigerator and pantry.

    Crystal Frameless Meadowland doors in simple white and the classic white backsplash adds to the freshness of the design and offers beautiful contrast to the Medallion Brookhill Raised Panel doors in Maple wood with Onyx finish. Cambria Quartz countertops were implemented to ensure easy maintenance and lasting beauty. The black wood creates a contrast to the white cabinets while the Ells tile offsets the Onyx and offers a beautiful marble finish that is classic and timeless.

    One interesting part of the project to note was that a structural beam had to be incorporated into the kitchen. This was accomplished by designing a custom hood that offered the ventilation needed as well as provided the design with a natural look.

    To finish the space, the dark wood floor pulls in the browns and grays from the existing flagstone on the fireplace to complete the look.

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  • His and Her Dream Bathroom Remodel

    The primary goal of this bathroom remodel was a European loft look; striving for maximum impact in a small space. Clean simple lines were used to make sure every inch of space was utilized in the best possible way.

    Crystal Frameless Cabinets Focus doors with Oyster Bay offer this project the visual flow and style, as well as added impact with the texture, blending creams, grays, and beiges. The frameless glass panel adds visual spaciousness to create a larger feeling in a smaller space. The built-in cabinet adds plentiful storage that is out of sight and out of mind when not in use.

    For "her" bathroom… we deepened the sophistication and impact with accent tiles, and used glass and stone blended together to create a sparkle. Details include linear drain, foot rest in the corner as well as accent tiles wrapping around the shower and into the backsplash of the vanity area. The 12" x 24" tile set on a horizontal line continues to add to the visual width of the bathroom.

    For "his" bathroom… the fog free and lit shaving mirror in the shower offers the convenience of shaving while showering. Switching the accent tile and using a back lit mirror offers a more masculine feel to the space. To accommodate the design of the built-in mirror and give the room its own personality, the 12" x 24" tile set was turned to run vertically.

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  • Dual Design/Function – Office + Guest Room

    Organizer Direct Systems offer customizable storage space to meet every need on your list.

    The pillow edge doors in cocoa offers a rich, comforting color for this dual-function space and flows easily throughout this room, that doubles as an office, as well as a guest room when needed. The convenience of drawers with files, a desk top with all the needed space for office work and storage, and the ease of dropping the hidden murphy bed down when required make the room easy to transition to between the two.

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  • Small Space, Big Style

    This small space had to have maximum storage and impact!

    Each cabinet had a specific purpose, which is especially important in a smaller space. This kitchen used Crystal Frameless Cabinet Focus doors with Oyster Bay finish, a Cambria Quartz countertop in Menia to add sparkle, drama, and a classic look. This coupled with the black palette, and a multi-color backsplash adds visual interest and texture to the space.

    The swing door was removed to the laundry room and a pocket door was added to provide more useable space and is convenience for a tight space. A glass door was added to the pantry, along with the feel of additional space by simply widening the entrance area to the kitchen thus allowing more mobility and openness.

    New luxury wood vinyl floor with browns, grays, and beiges offers comfort as well as foundation to the space. Contemporary and clean lines as well as maximum usage of space was the desired and achieved goal for this project.

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  • Master Closet with High Function

    An Organizer Direct Systems offers customizable storage space to meet every need on the list.

    From adjustable shelves, to clothes hangs for single as well as double, jewelry trays, pull out mirrors, clothes hampers, and special drawers to accommodate items like ties, belts, and more, this master closet has it.

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  • European Old-World Style, Blends Touches of Shabby Chic

    BEFORE – When remodeling a kitchen, Merri Stratman of the Kitchen and Bath Showcase, likes to reach for the sky. However, for this project, the ceiling of the clients' kitchen was literally closing in on their heads: Due to roof line constraints, there was a dropped ceiling in the corner of the kitchen. Stratman's biggest challenge was being able to expand the kitchen while finding balance and symmetry despite the room's structural restrictions.

    AFTER – Stratman explains, "In design, my goal is to always achieve form, function and fashion. The clients wanted the added kitchen space to accommodate the growing needs of their family, while still trying to achieve balance based on the changes to the roof line." To do this, she began by adding a new focal point in that area: a large, white oven hood. Stratman could use the curves of the hood to create an illusion of lift and space that distracts the eye from the challenging corner. Another focal point in the kitchen was a new "work" island with a wide berth around it to allow enough room to work and have a comfortable amount of space to move about. The island features maple cabinets with details such as raised-panel doors, molding and beaded edges, gray paint with black highlight glaze and a cracked look to mimic antique cabinetry. A distressed walnut plank top (114"x51") adds to the Old-World theme of the kitchen and balances the weathered ceiling beams. The second "sitting" island contains various forms of storage, such as a beverage refrigerator, a wine rack, plenty of room for dishes and a special area for the dogs under the counter. The island incorporates a gentler look with a simple raised-panel door style with gray glazing overlaid to soften and mute the simpler line of the door. To connect the two islands and highlight the antique look, a one-of-a-kind custom hutch is situated between the two islands. The hutch offers storage for wine glasses, collectibles, and tableware. The white beaded board interiors contrast with the grays, blending nicely with the rest of the kitchen. Taking the space from 11'x16' to 21'x20', Stratman was able to meet all of her clients' needs. As she says, she could create a "warm family kitchen [that is] comfortable no matter how crowded it gets."

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