The primary goal of this bathroom remodel was a European loft look; striving for maximum impact in a small space. Clean simple lines were used to make sure every inch of space was utilized in the best possible way.

Crystal Frameless Cabinets Focus doors with Oyster Bay offer this project visual flow and style, as well as added impact with the texture, blending creams, grays, and beiges. The frameless glass panel adds visual spaciousness to create a larger feeling in a smaller space. The built-in cabinet adds plentiful storage that is out of sight and out of mind when not in use.

For "her" bathroom… we deepened the sophistication and impact with accent tiles, and used glass and stone blended together to create a sparkle. Details include linear drain, foot rest in the corner as well as accent tiles wrapping around the shower and into the backsplash of the vanity area. The 12" x 24" tile set on a horizontal line continues to add to the visual width of the bathroom.

For "his" bathroom… the fog free and lit shaving mirror in the shower offers the convenience of shaving while showering. Switching the accent tile and using a back lit mirror offers a more masculine feel to the space. To accommodate the design of the built-in mirror and give the room its own personality, the 12" x 24" tile set was turned to run vertically.